Monday, February 20, 2006

John 4:22-24

Worshipping God has nothing to do with Church. Church may be an important part of any Christian’s life, but as Jesus points out in this verse, it’s not about where we worship but how.
It’s all about your attitude. It’s all about how you come to worship. It’s about how honest you’re being. Church on any given Sunday can be full up of people who are there for any number of reasons, but what God wants is people who truly desire Him. Who have no other objective than to want to be with Him.
He doesn’t care weather it’s in Church on a Sunday, He wants you as you are, where you are, but he wants you to be real, honest, not only with Him but with yourself.

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servant said...

Great thoughts bro. From what I can see, you're engaging some greats early thoughts on redefining the idea of 'worship'.

Let me take it a little further for you... you'll notice your thoughts may go in a circle as you redefine what Church is.

Most people define church as what happens on a Sunday and this is exactly what the word church has come to mean. Church (capital "C") is so much more than that though. Church is meant to be a community of believers expressing the love of God to one another and to the world in which we have been placed. In essence we are an expression of Christ incarnated in the world.

In that sense, the life of the believer within Church becomes a complete act of worship, rather than a segmented activity. Thus worship and "Church" are inseperable... it is where we work out our faith and offer it to the world.