Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cat Casserole

An outback cooking contest in Alice Springs, Australia, was won by a woman and her recipe for cat. Feral cats are a serious problem in Australia, killing and eating almost anything else, including birds, lizards, spiders and small marsupials. The creator of the recipe hopes that by eating cats, and other feral animals such as pigeons and camels, it could help Australia's wildlife problems.

According to the recipe, "The meat should be diced and fried until it is brown. Then lemon grass is to be added along with salt and pepper and three cups of quandong, which is a sweet desert fruit. It is recommended that the dish be left to simmer for five hours before being garnished with bush plums and mistletoe berries."

The meal is not popular with everyone. Wildlife campaigners are angered that feral cats should be eaten, scientists claim that the feral cats could contain harmful bacteria and toxins, and one of judges was so disgusted by the taste, she had to spit it out. However, wild cat is eaten by some Aborigines.

Cat is said to taste like a cross between rabbit and chicken.

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