Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sermon on the Mount, in Living Colour

So Rhett, BJ and Frank copied me. Plagiarism is, they say, the highest form of flattery. But Frank goes one step farther than Rhett and BJ. He lays claim that his creation towers above all others. I disagree, and to prove my point, I present the true Sermon on the Mount. In living colour. Jesus, at least in my mind, was a colourful character. If Frank wants to see the J-Man as boring and one dimensional, that's up to him, I guess.

I still think Rhett's is the nicest looking one so far.


servant said...

I used black and white to show that we are all many shades of the same substance :P

What version of the bible were you using? It seems inferior and flat... like it's trying to be something, but falling short.

PS - it's only plagiarism if the appropriate sources aren't referenced ;)

BJ said...

Its funny you should say that Frank. A guy accused me on Sunday of breaching copyright for referencing a review on Filmguide. But how could it be a breach of copyright when the material was not presented as my own.

Actually I was thinking that if there was a forum on the site we could link to the article...