Thursday, September 21, 2006

Better Christian Movies or Just More Of Them?

Twentieth Century Fox is officially the first movie company to launch a special unit for Christian-themed movies. FoxFaith will produce and promote small budget productions which will go directly to that niche of viewers who, until now, refused to take part in popular entertainment as they deemed it 'offensive'.

'We want to push the production value, not videotape sermons or proselytize', a spokesperson for Fox said. He also stated that the movies will have a production cost limit of no more than $5 million, while the promotion campaigns will also come under the $5 million limit. Most of the movies, adaptations from best-selling Christian works and novels, will be released directly on DVD and only 6 to 12 will run on the big screens, each year.

But making religious films is a very tricky business, as controversy can spark up of virtually anything. This is something that both the studio executives and the main church representatives are aware of, as neither of them want to have people saying they're taking matters too lightly or preaching via the big screen, respectively.

The first movie to be released by the FoxFaith unit is 'Love's Abiding Joy', based on the fourth part of 'The Love Comes Softly', written by the Christian novelist Janette Oke. It will run in almost 250 theaters all around the United States, staring from October 6th.

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