Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Talking to God

The other night I was in bed talking to God, as you do. I do this most nights, and it’s normally a one-way conversation. I think that’s because God is a really good listener, and that he likes hearing me talk to him.

But anyway, I was feeling a little down about my ‘proper’ prayer times and reading my Bible when the thought came to me: I generally talk to God more than any other person. Out side of work commitments that is. The only exception being my wife, and children.

This got me thinking, with God often being taught as being a jealous God that wants to be first in our lives, in everything, should I be talking to God more often than I talk to my wife?

Or is my wife a glorious gift from God, that I have been blessed with the job of caring for her (and by extension our children) and there fore when I spend quality time talking to and listening to them, I’m actually some how spending time with God?

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