Friday, December 22, 2006

Self confessed Blogger addict

Ok, I admit I'm a bit of an addict when it comes to blogging. I have so many great ideas for blogs, and at last count had started, or at least reserved the name for, 29 different blogs.

Of course, being in full time employment and being a husband to a beautiful wife and a father to three awesome girls, I don't really have time for 29 blogs.

The solution? Streamlining. I'm gonna cut down my blogs to four. That's right, from 29 to four.

On-screen is going to stay my main blog, it's where I do my DVD reviews along with some other pop-culture news and stuff. Ourpositionhereishopeless has changed to flames-of-war and will remain an occasional diary of my miniature war gaming exploits. The parachute music blog will remain, but will become dormant sometime in February.

Everything else, including post it jesus and little zombies will be merged into my faith.

Also gone is the format, and cool design ability with the swap to a blogger2 template. This had to be done so I can effectively keep control of the content through labels.

I don't really like my inability to add graphics to the new blogger2 templates, but I'll just have to live with it for my faith. On-screen and flames-or-war will remain as blogger templates without the ease of use of labels - design is far more important for them, in my eyes.

So expect a few posts over the Christmas period as I re-post some of my favorite stuff from my old blogs to my faith.

UPDATE | Thanks to a quick google search I found this blog that shows how to add an image for your header. Sweet.

UPDATE 2 | Of course once you know how to add a graphic as the header, adding the site meter counter is a piece of cake...

UPDATE 3 | Decided to do a photoshop header and tweek the html to get rid of the border around the header and left align it. I'm starting to like the new blogger.

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