Friday, March 02, 2007

Raw Juice

Ok, possibly I need professional help. Tell us something we don't already know, you say. But I do have a reason for starting a new blog:

I've decided to start putting some of my work in progress up online for everyone to look at, and hopefully, give there three cents worth in the comments section.

So what bought me to this desire to showcase my work in progress?

My latest gift voucher designs.

You see my latest gift voucher designs are a departure from the usual designs I produce for gift vouchers. There seems to be this unwritten rule with Christian culture: If it's a bookmark or a gift voucher it has to be flowers or landscape images.

I've gone for a more retro/stylistic approach, and I'm not sure they will get past the approval process.

But seeing as I like them, and I feel the need to stroke my ego, rather than let them be vetoed before they ever see the light of day, I'm posting them online for the whole world to see.

They everyone will gasp in wonder at my creative mojo.

Alternatively, everyone might think they're crap and laugh at me. Life is all about taking risks.

So, hey, go take a look would ya!

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