Friday, May 25, 2007

Stop them smiling at me...

We had to take Aimee to see the doctor yesterday when I got home from work. She was complaining of a sore throat. On investigation her tonsils were so swollen that her throat was almost completely closed!

Apparently she had had this sore throat for a number of days, but only when it became unbearable did she think of telling us.

So on the way to the doctor we are sitting at the main lights in Manukau and Aimee is asking us to 'Please make them stop smiling at me'.

Who we asked, is smiling at you?

'They are' she said pointing out the window at nothing in particular.

Who we asked again?

'The cars, and they have cheeky smiles, make them stop."

So tell me, how do you make cars stop smiling, when there eyes are the headlights, and there beautiful, if somewhat cheeky smile is the grille?
Fortunately there were no Audi's like this with a face that looks like it's decidedly nasty and snarling!

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