Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Second Life

Frank is getting all excited about the online community Second Life, so being a loyal Frank Follower; I decided to check it out for myself.

Signing up and downloading the app was simple enough, but when the virtual world loaded all I saw were three naked ladies and a naked man, with my assumed name hovering above his head. Then slowly clothes appeared on my alternative self. Phew.

Time to explore, interact and have fun. But alas the sparsely populated Island I seemed to be prisoner on had on friendly people who were willing to talk to me. The island was very small for a population of 8,000,000 and growing.

Where was everyone and was there more to explore.

I left Second Life and went to the familiarity of Firefox to do a search on cool places in Second Life and found a site that promised to teleport me to any of the popular places of the moment.

Sweet. I teleported to the most popular place in Second Life and found myself sandwiched between two properties that would not allow me to enter – an invisible wall had a notice on it that read something along the lines of “Private property. You do not have the owners permission to enter”

Awesome, so now I’m a reject that no one will talk to and who can’t explore this brave new world because it’s all privately owned.

Oh well, I’ll see if I can find a way to teleport myself to the Church Frank has been raving about. That should be accessible to an ordinary Joblo like me.

And it was.

It was also empty.

It was also raining, hard.

There must be something more to do. I know I’ll customise the look of my alter ego.

Ok, lots of options but rather limited.

I’ll have to explore a little later when I get home – Brett’s sermon was starting weigh heavy on my conscience.

But alas, my ever capable but slightly old iMac at home is just a nanosecond too old to be able to run Second Life. Or more to the point, the operating system on my iMac at home is too old.

Young enough to blog, myspace, play other online games, but to archaic for Second Life.

Oh well, no loss really, as with my - albeit limited – experience of Second Life I don’t think I would have spent much time on there if I did have It at home.

On the upside, my real life never felt so exciting after spending some time in the lifeless world that will never be my Second Life.


Anonymous said...

HAHA! Yes, my first experience was much like that months ago.... I hated it.

They seem to be having some technical issues with teleporting at the moment and clearly you didn't work out how to find people.

You generally need someone in there with you when you're starting out, to give you landmarks etc... places to visit.

It takes a while to get used to.... and to work out the spots where people congregate. I figure it's only going to get more and more populated.

buuuuuut, it's probably for the greater good (your own good that is) if you don't spend too much time in there.... not that I think that's going to be a problem :o)

Anonymous said...

oh, and the initial island you were on was Orientation Island... it's where you learn to do stuff :o)

wotsitgonnabe said...


BJ said...

That was laugh out loud funny...

onscreen said...

Frank - to be honest, If I'm going to be spending time online in a virtual world, I'd rather be armed to the teeth killing people for fun....

BJ - Why thank you kind sir.

WIGB - Love you babe.