Sunday, December 02, 2007

Gunnery Sergeant

Infinity Ward owns me. I own and have completed both of their XBox 360 games, Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

It's the latter that has a vice like grip on me. I purchased it the day it came out (a rarity for me) as a diversion from my online Halo 3 frag-fests. Such was the intensity and addictiveness of the mission based game, my online time dropped to zero and Halo 3 was left collecting dust.

Once I had clocked COD4, I decided to try it online. Meh. back to Halo 3.

Halo 3 however had lost some of it's addictiveness by now, and I was tempted to re-try COD4 online. The thing that had put me off was laziness. Halo 3 will do that to you; your enemy is easy to spot (being either a red or blue Master Chief) but on COD4, you have to remember the uniform you're wearing, and consequently, especially with the differing camouflage options available as you progress up the ranks, spotting your adversary isn't always that easy.

It took a couple of nights but soon I was managing to get above my pitiful single kills per game, and as I progressed up the army echelon, more options were unlocked to me, the most helpful one bing the option of creating a weapons set that you get to play with no matter what side you're on - having the same familiar weapon in every game made it easier to kill.

I soon had two weapon sets, my primary weapon was the M21 Semi Atuomatic Sniper Rifle with a ACOG Scope. It enabled me of find vantage points and protect my teams territory. I didn't move around a lot, but it up skilled my shooting ability, to the point where I'm happy running around the place with my second favourite weapon, the M4 Carbine with laser sight.

Now it depends on the randomly chosen map as to which weapon I take into battle. Some suit the M21, some the M4. Probably as I progress I'll be able to unlock even better weapons and get past my current best of 27 kills in one game.

As for Halo 3, that will continued to collect dust until Josh comes over and wants to have a game... even then, I'll try and convince him to give COD4 a go first.

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