Saturday, December 29, 2007

Major Announcement!

Ok, so I've already mentioned my addiction to Call of Duty 4, but now I've got an update! After a forced week off game playing (also known as a holiday in Whakatane) I came back home and immediately got back into the swing of my addiction, and last night got promoted to Major.

Y'all can call me Major Read.

Dione thinks I have a major addiction.

The beauty of modern games is they tend to keep track of the number of hours you have spent playing them online. Attaining the rank of Major has only cost me 1 Day, 6 Hours and 14 Minutes of my life. Not much in the scheme of things. I mean my holiday in Whakatane cost me a whole 7 Days of my life!

talking of holidays in Whakatane it was nice to get away, though late in the afternoon of our first full day there, I got a call from our Dog Sitter. Lucky had tried to run away and got bowled by a car. It was an impact that knocked her rolling down the road. Lucky got up and bolted down the road. Eventually she was recovered and taken to the vets.

The vet could only find a minor cut on her back leg but was concerned about internal damages.

Our Dog Sitter would have to keep an eye on her over night and bring her back in the morning.

Luky it seems is rather lucky. The minor cut is the only damage she suffered, and she is the same dog that she was when we left her.

Other than that our holiday was uneventful. Plenty of time spent at the beach, but not much else to do. Infact we came up with a new slogan for Whakatane:

Whakatane: Don't expect much.

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