Monday, March 03, 2008

Games Rhett Missed

This is a quick response to Atheist Rhett’s Geek-Out Part 2: My 20 Favourite Games Ever post. It summarises a couple of games that young Mr Rhett missed out on his list, but is by no means an exhaustive list of any type.

The BBC Micro was an early innovator of computer games, despite being overshadowed by its more popular competitor, the small and rubbery ZX Spectrum. Two genre-defining games that ruled my early computer gaming memories would have to be Revs and Elite.

Of course of recent years, not many real gamers play on PCs anymore, preferring the stability and (relatively) cheap option of the game console. It was the birth of the console that brought forth Codemasters mastery of the motor sports game with it’s long running racing series that started with TOCA.

For those Sony geeks still holding onto GranTurismo, I’ve played it, and Microsoft took the crown away from you with Forza.

Then there’s the real kings of the gaming world, the First Person Shooter. Infinity Ward owns the current generation, first with Call of Duty 2, and more recently with Call of Duty 4.

As for those Halo geeks, forget it, Marathon (on the *gasp* Mac) was a better trilogy of games…

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