Friday, March 07, 2008

Time Traveling Catholics!

I like comics and graphic novels because of their visual style. If a comic or graphic novel fails in the visual department then (for me) it fails as a whole. If I want to read a novel, I'll read a novel, If I want to be able to gaze at a visual feast whilst immersing myself in a gripping saga, I'll find a good looking graphic novel (slash comic).

Which brings me to Pax Romana, Which looks at what could happen if the Catholic Church sent a team of time-traveling mercenaries to 4th Century Rome with the aim of changing history to prevent the rise of any other religion.

Oh yeah, thats something to chew on ain't it?

But better than the possibilities of time traveling mercenary Catholics, is the stunning visual style.

Even better is issue one being put online for free.

Check it out now.

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