Thursday, March 02, 2006

What is my love worth?

Bonhoeffer had a transformation sometime in 1931. He went from being a Theologian to being a Christian according to Bethge in Bonhoeffer’s biography.

A student of Bonhoeffer recalls his teaching stating “that we should never forget that every word of Holy Scripture was a quite personal message of God’s love for us.”

But what is God’s love worth to us? It’s a hard concept to be truthfully answered, especially from my soft, comfortable western Christianty. I’ve had to come to terms on many occasions with stuff that God has wanted me to put on the alter, so to speak. Things in my life that He wanted me to offer to him.

But how far would I be willing to go? As in reality God wants everything. He wants our life. Would I be willing to die for my love?

I hope so.

Yet as daunting as it sounds, the actual physical giving up of my life is unlikely to be required of me in my present situation.

But from my experiences of giving up stuff to God, it wouldn’t be that bad, as God often doesn’t want to take anything away, he just wants reassurance that He is number one in your life.

And it’s not just for his benefit. It’s more for our own.

Life is a journey and if we’re on this journey with God then it’s a journey of discovery and growth. And it’s through being prepared to give up stuff, by realising that God is always first in our lives that we grow.

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