Thursday, August 03, 2006

1.5 Million Lebanese Christians

I stumbled onto the Sojourners website whilst looking for information on Philip Yancey today, and came across this little gem of a quote reflecting on the current situation in the Middle East.

It's time for American Christians to start listening to Christians and churches in the Middle East, and Lebanon would be a good place to start. How many American Christians even know that Lebanon has had, for much of its history, a sizable number of Christians? Current estimates are 1.5 million Christians, or 40% of the population - which means there are fellow Christians potentially affected as casualties and refugees by the U.S. backed Israeli military attacks. It's time to challenge the theology of Christian Zionism advanced by many of the American Religious Right who are completely uncritical of Israel's behaviour and totally oblivious to the sufferings (or even the existence) of Arab Christians in the Middle East. These Arab Christians may not be sympathetic to the tactics of Hezbollah, but they are certainly not supportive of the highly disproportionate military responses of Israel, which now target their own families and fellow Arab Christians. Where is the American church's solidarity with them? In the Middle East battles between Islamic terrorism and Israeli military attacks, the perspective of Middle Eastern churches might indeed provide a much-needed third perspective.

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a cession-ite said...

Although I agree with the broader, hoped for outcomes of the sentiment expressed, I do find it disturbing that this person (or these people) are still advocating an "us and them" mentality in terms of Christians and others (read: muslims - in the context described).

I personally think it would be better if American Christians, as well as all others, gave a damn about:

"the sufferings (or even the existence) of...[everyone] the Middle East."

as I'm sure you, Jesus, and Frank (amongst others) do too.

Uncle Jakey.