Monday, August 21, 2006

The Weekend in Review

So I’m a copycat, I’m ok with being one on occasion, but I’ll always give credit, and the cat I’m copying here is Frank.

A weekend is a good one, by my definition, if you can look back and find something to laugh about. And laugh I can.

I have absolutely no idea what I did on Friday night – but this is probably due to with struggling to get over my cough, lack of sleep, long hours at work and the impending visit of MIL.

Saturday started with Work and then lunch with the aforementioned MIL. MIL time was surprisingly good, probably because I was on my best behaviour, and that they seem to have chilled out somewhat since being in Pakistan. Dione made yummy lunch and fresh bread.

After they left, we had to go shopping for Pizza ingredients as we were having special guests for dinner. Then it was get the kids fed and in bed, before said guests arrived.

Melissa and Jacob the axe man Powel arrived in timely fashion, despite phoning and saying they were going to be late. Jacob had a nice bottle of red with him – I’m not a wine buff, so you’ll have to ask him - one that would go well with Pizza. And it did go well. I’m not particularly fond of red, but this was one of the best wines I have had (note to self, invite the Powell’s again).

With my tired state of mine, and some red wine, I accidentally invented a new way of cooking Pizza. Fortunately it turned out all good and dinner was great (the pizza was nicely complimented by Melissa’s awesome salad).

The evening moved to the lounge with a nice fire and relaxed conversation.

Until Jacob noticed the Guitar hooked up to the PS2. All conversation stopped at this point as Jacob showed us his prowess with a guitar, shredding his way through a number of satanic rock songs before letting anyone else have a go. Melissa was so enthralled with the antics of Jacob, Dione and myself that she didn’t move from the couch for the rest of the evening.

Sunday morning saw my lovely wife succumb to some awful flu/cold and me succumb to the call of work. I only did a half-day though, and came home to make sure the family was ok.

A non-eventful afternoon followed, and then I took the two youngest kids to church and left Hope behind to look after mum.

Despite my worst fears, the two youngest were exceptional at church and I was able to enjoy the service, the first in a 4 part series on Winter Spirituality. I was also able to hand out a couple of gifts which is always fun.

Sunday night is normally relaxing with a movie, but by the time I had gotten my wife some dinner, and put the kids to bed, Dione was tuned into C4 who had the top 40 ballads of all time, including some defining songs of my childhood. So we settled for an evening of music instead.

Monday morning, whilst not strictly the weekend, I discovered that a David Crowder Band fan had posted about a past blog entry – it’s always fun to find that someone has linked to your blog!

Not the best weekend because my wife who is still very under the weather, but there were plenty of laughs, and in the end that’s what counts!

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