Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ADHD Enabled!

I've been a fan of Ashley Wood's illustrative style for about 6 months now, after I stumbled upon his blog by accident. I've recently purchased one of his comics and an art book. It's the first picture in his SPARROW number one art book that really tickled my fancy, entitled ADHD Enabled!

It's a simple drawing, but to me it speaks volumes. Not just because I know a couple of people who live with ADHD, but because of the hectic nature of modern life makes me wonder if our culture as a whole isn't suffering from some form of ADHD.

There's a period of calmness in this picture, but there is also the ever present fear of what is about to happen. It's this calmness that I have trouble finding in our hectic culture, where as the feeling of imminent loss of control is never far away.

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