Tuesday, February 13, 2007

If you believe in eternity, then life is irrelevant.

Recently, a disheartening but uniquely honest discussion about abortion took place on Fox's House. On the Jan. 30 episode, Dr. Gregory House (played by Hugh Laurie) advises a rape victim to "terminate" her pregnancy. She responds, "Abortion is murder!" "True, it's a life," he says, "and you should end it."

A few moments later she reiterates, "It's murder—I'm against it." Then she asks House, "You for it?" He concedes, "Not as a general rule." She presses him, "Just for unborn children?" "Yes," he says.

Later, to give context to House's assertions about life-and-death matters, the pair discusses God. "Either God doesn't exist, or He's unimaginably cruel," he insists. "I don't believe that," she replies. "What you believe doesn't make sense," he says. "If you believe in eternity, then life is irrelevant." The episode concludes with news that the woman has been discharged from the hospital—after having the abortion.

SOURCE | Plugged In (emphasis mine)

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