Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So I asked Frank on Sunday if he was going to be doing Movember again this year and he said NO. I love my beard too much to shave it off and start again. So I'm thinking I'll be the only one doing it.

So It came as quite a surprise when I saw Frank's blog today with the announcement that he was in deed doing Movember this year! Well good on ya Frank, even going as far as to get sponsored. Me, I'm just gonna grow a little hair, and post picks on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Feel free to sponsor me then mo bro. Anything over $5 is tax deductible and if I can hit $1000 I'll become part of the Platinum club and get the specially designed mo mug.... plus it means more much needed mo money for the Prostate Foundation. :)

onscreen said...

Mo money for mo mug... cool. I won;t sponsor you bro, but I'll encourage people to sponsor you in all my future mo-posts!

Anonymous said...

Growing a mo on a mo bro and getting mo money for a mo mug... what mo could a man do or want? ;)