Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Save Me From Myself.

I've just finished reading Brian 'Head' Welch's autobiography Save Me From Myself, and figured I'd post about it here - but this is not me copying Rhett and doing a book review and all that - no, I've been wanting to post about this book for a while now, but waited until I had finished it.

For me it's a great book to read because it doesn't hold anything back, Head tells it like it was, and for a Christian book, it's gonna offend a few people (though the people it would offend probably wouldn't pick it up in the first place) not only because of some of the things Head mentions, but also because he uses the word fuck. Several times in fact. But it's not offensive and it's not gratuitous. It just sums up the mood, perfectly.

Then after we get through Head's life of drug addiction and all that, we come to Head the Christian and all the mistakes and struggles he faced.

It's an inspiring read.

I was planning on following it up with World War Z, but my 11 year old daughter gave me a book to read this morning, so I'm gonna have to read The Silver Sword first.

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