Saturday, November 24, 2007

Green Fingers

We decided to do something radical; start growing vegetables. Not very radical you might think, as people have been doing such for years. But for us this is a big step - we're not gardening people you see - anyone who's visited us will probably have noticed an abundance of weed life in our front yard as proof of this.

The initial garden area seems to be going great, so it's time to start clearing the second area. It seems to have gooten very overgrown so could take some work. I won't be able to complete the task this weekend, due mainly to the fact that we have a cat buried in there somewhere, and i don' really want to be exhuming grave sites whilst the kids are around, that might have to wait for my day off on Wednesday!

But things are looking good for fresh vegetables for 2008, just in time to the inevitable zombie outbreak.... keep an eye on China, and anything called African Rabies... Trust me.

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