Sunday, November 25, 2007

Guy Ritchie's Game Keeper

So I took Guy Ritchie' Game Keeper home with me this weekend, figured it could jump the list as a graphic novel can be consumed within an hour or so, depending on size.

Quite good little yarn, including flash backs to explain the back story, evolving throughout the main story, and a little twist at the end. The artwork was ok, could have been a lot edgier though.

Interesting thing is that there is an introduction by Guy Ritchie where he goes into details about Warner Brothers turning it into a movie, but a quick look on IMDB comes up with nothing.

I think it would make a great transition to screen, though there's once scene that I think they would have difficulty in doing right, or even realistically, in a movie, but I guess time will tell.

I guess in reality it may all depend on how popular the Graphic Novel is, but if the movie does ever get made, you can bet there will be a first person shooter/stealth game to follow.

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