Sunday, April 23, 2006

Have you heard of Deir Yassin?

‘Have you heard of Deir Yassin?’ Bishara asked quietly. ‘I’ve heard some vague references to it,’ I said. ‘But I really don’t know much.’
‘In 1948 an entire village, Deir Yassin, was destroyed.’ He pointed towards Jerusalem and said, ‘Just over there, where the suburb of Har Nof is now, two hundred and fifty men, women, children, babies were slaughtered by the Irgun.’ He was referring to the Israeli paramilitary, also known as Haganah, in 1948. ‘This was just three years after the Holocaust. A few men were left alive and driven around to other villages to tell the story; then those men were killed too. The result was panic. That is why so many Palestinians fled. Entire villages were emptied, which is exactly what the Israelis wanted. They just took over those people’s homes.’
From Brother Andrew's Light Force

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