Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Would Jesus Use Graffiti?

Frank recently made a comment about graffiti on his blog. I’m also a secret admirer of the art form – especially the protest style – well thought out and often with a little humour. I’d love to be able to do something, but I can’t see my self sneaking around in the dark defacing public property, no matter how good the cause.

Then whilst I was on holiday, I spoilt myself and bought a 2 album box set of Rage Against The Machine from the Warehouse. One of the albums I was familiar with, the other I wasn’t. But it was the album art of the unfamiliar album that got me thinking – here was a way to make a public message without vandalising public property…

The only question is, if you were going to do this, what would your message be?


Rhett said...

Ahh good old Renegades... a covers albums I believe. I remember seeing that and liking it too.

People involved in the Christian music industry seem to have a secret thing for Rage Against the Machine! You should put it on the playlist at Manna ;).

Hmmm, what would I write?

'Please send me to Rhett Snell!'

onscreen said...

Hhhmmmm, I'll put it on the play list at Manna, right after Frankie plays it on his night show on Life! I think the reason some Christians secretly like Rage is the bands lyrical protests are generally aimed at the basic priciples of teh Gospel message: looking after the poor and downtordden.

servant said...

I'm a big fan of RATM.

Writing on money interestingly enough is illegal. It is a defacement of public property and is defined as vandalism.