Sunday, May 21, 2006

MANNA: Heb. man-hu

"What is that?" the name given by the Israelites to the food miraculously supplied to them during their wanderings in the wilderness (Ex. 16:15-35). The name is commonly taken as derived from _man_, an expression of surprise, "What is it?" but more probably it is derived from _manan_, meaning "to allot," and hence denoting an "allotment" or a "gift."

According to Moses it’s the Bread God has given you (the Israelites).

But rather than bread, it was a white flake like substance, as fine as the frost you find on your car on a cold morning.

And now for the interesting stuff. I had always figured that it must have been a pretty sweet life, having God supply all your needs, whilst you kick back and have a 40 year holiday, sleeping in, and having the good Lord serve you your meals. But on closer examination of the scriptures, it seems life might have been a little harder.

For example, Manna appeared on the ground after the dew. It wasn’t ready for eating, it had to be baked or boiled. Which means that you had to gather it. Now it’s lying around on a dirty, sandy desert, so you’d have to be careful that you didn’t mix it up whilst you gathered it.

And how much did you need to gather? 3.35kg for each person. Feeling a little peckish? Wanted to gather a little more cause you’re a XXL and you have the munchies? Well God’s got you on a diet – no matter how much you gather, when you’ve finished gathering you’ll only have 3.35kg.

Want to have a sleep in? Don’t. You’ll go hungry if you’re not up before the sun starts to melt away all the Manna.

Not very hungry and want save some for tomorrow? Not a good idea – hoarding isn’t approved, and your food will spoil. Except on a Saturday – you can gather enough for two days ‘cause the Sabbath is a holy day and there’s no Manna.

But what did Manna taste like – quite yummie actually – like wafers made with honey. But after a week it might have gotten a bit boring, and after a few years it might not feel like a blessing.

But in the words of Dozer from the Matrix Movie: It's a single cell protein combined with synthetic aminos, vitamins, and minerals. Everything the body needs.

God supplied everything the body needed to survive for 40 years. Nothing more, nothing less.

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