Thursday, May 18, 2006


Apparently, to live life to it’s fullest, we should strive to expand our comfort zone. If this is true, then by the end of this week I will have lived life just a little bit fuller.

It all started last night, with Dinner at a little commune located in the shadow of No Tree Hill. I’m always nervous when going out to dinner, especially when it’s the first time you’ve been to some ones house and eaten what they eat. You see, I’m what my wife calls ‘a tad fussy’ when it comes to food. To be fair to my self, I’ve expanded my palette amazingly over the last 15 years, but it is still some what constrained.

So any way, We arrived and were given the obligatory guided tour, and one this tour I saw dinner being prepared in the kitchen - and it was seafood. Oh crap. Seafood? Oh crap, bugger, damn. You see I have an unhealthy fear of seafood. Oh sure, I like a nice piece of fresh white fish, cooked to perfection by my wife, but seafood? Little curled up orange thingies? Nope. Never. Not in a million years.

Of course saying not in a million years is a silly thing, especially when you’ve got 30 minutes tops before dinner. Oh well, grin and swallow, grin and swallow.
As it turns out though, those little orange curled up seafood thingies were quite nice. Yummie in fact. The curry sauce was a little on the hot side for my timid taste buds, but damn (can I say that twice in one post?) the dinner was damn nice.
The company was great, and we all went out to see a delightful little movie. I’d tell you about the movie, but some other people have done a fine job of that here, here and here, so I’ll leave you to go read what they had to say.

And to finish off my week, I’ll be temporarily reallocating outside of my comfort zone on Sunday night. But for the details of that, you’ll just have to wait.

Life; to be lived at it’s fullest.


jeanie said...

well done on being so willing to try and aren't you glad you did!!!

and yes, dinner was YUM.

BJ said...

Sounds like manna from heaven...