Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Once Again, The West Ignores Palestine

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- The shelves at Shifa Hospital's pharmacy are half empty. A shortage of anesthesia means surgeons can do only emergency operations. The kidney unit has cut back on dialysis because it's low on filters, and four of the unit's patients have died from a lack of medicine, officials say.

The West's economic boycott of the Hamas-led regime has brought the perpetually strained Palestinian health-care system to the brink of disaster, international aid workers and government officials say. They warn of an epidemic of preventable deaths if money is not found soon.

The cash crisis also could lead to the collapse of the Palestinian sanitation and sewage systems, raising the threat of cholera and other diseases breaking out during the sweltering summer, municipal officials say.

Western nations say they continue to provide humanitarian assistance to Palestinians, just not to the regime led by the Islamic militants of Hamas. [full story]

In light of reading Brother Andrew’s Light Force and the dwindling number of Palestinian Christians struggling to make a difference in an Arab dominated society, it’s sad to hear that West refuses to help a country in need just because it’s democratically elected government is Hamas, a supposed enemy of everyone.

As Western Christians, what should we be doing?


servant said...

It's interesting since the West encouraged democracy and now that democracy has played out and there's a government not liked by the West, support is pulled.

It shows the west only supports democracy when that democracy suits us. What sort of democracy is that?

Not that I support Hamas, but it seems a little hypocritical.

onscreen said...

It's the American way: We want y'all to have democracy. Make that AMERICAN democracy...