Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Christian Nazis

So we hate homosexuals. They are the scourges of humanity. Evil incarnate.

At least that’s the impression you get from some Christians, and it’s standard media fare that that’s what we Christians all believe.

The sad truth is, that apart from some PC mumbo jumbo, homosexuals are pretty much maligned in society. Even history it seems has a dislike of homosexuals, with German law keeping them interned in Hitler’s camps until after a law change in 1969.

So what should our attitude be towards homosexual men and women? Should we treat them as sub human? Or should we love them?

And if we’re called to love homosexuals, should we stop bashing Helen Clark, and keep our lesbian theories to ourselves, or should our democratically elected leader be a fair target for Christians to sling sexual innuendos at?

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BJ said...

Plenty of rhetorical questions and straw men in there! But hey the things we do for comments ;)

I think that while there is a vocal lunatic fringe the vast majority of Christians are asking the question "how do we love gay and lesbian people?" Thats a hard question to answer if you're honest about what it means in human/social terms to take a position a la the Presbyterian church on the issue of leadership and sexual ethics. I can understand someone saying: you don't accept me or love me for who I am if you deny me leadership roles. I don't have any pat answers here that extend the discussion beyond treating all people as Christ.

On the Helen Clark issue, there is no justification for judgmentalism on account of sexuality. However, IF this really was the "illusion of the century" then it would be fair game for critique on account of the deception of the electorate (whether or not it matters that she might be a lesbian).

"Not that there's anything wrong with that..."