Monday, October 23, 2006

To lie and insult.

I was a little tired at church last night (due to my wife insisting we watch the remaining episodes of Carnivale S2 in one hit, and not getting to bed until 3am) but was soon snapped back to alertness when Frank was being confirmed as a minister and was called to ‘lie and insult’.

Hold on just a second I thought, that can’t be right. To lie and insult might be a good motto for talk back radio, but surely I must have misheard it in relation to being a minister… maybe Frank was actually being called to be the light and the salt….

1 comment:

servant said...

oh flip, I must have misheard it too then.... and here I was agreeing to do the former ;o)

Imagine if that were true.... oohhh the mayhem!