Monday, October 02, 2006

Powerful Women and the Homosexual Jesus

Frank had another entertaining and interesting Greenroom last night, with the main points of discussion being the role of women and homosexuals in church leadership.

My wife had to hold me back a few times and bar me from phoning up, in a totally submissive way of course, seeing as I am the head of the house and what I say goes.

Of course the fact that I have been called to act unto my wife along the lines that Jesus did for the Church would make me partially submissive to my wife, especially seeing that the Good Lord set the ultimate sacrifice for me to follow – that I should lay down my life for the benefit of my wife.

The interesting thing with women in church leadership is that the Bible totally supports it. And so does history. There are scores of churches that if it were not for women in leadership roles, would not exist today, as there were not the men willing to take the positions themselves.

Many of our great church leaders of today probably would not be such great leaders if women hadn’t taken a leadership role in their church. Not just any leadership role though, only leadership of Sunday School classes, because our male dominated church society deems that this lowly position is ok for women to lead, after all, they are only influencing the future of the church.

Now there’s an interesting thought – whilst all these insecure male orientated churches, have their men preaching and leading them, they’ve missed out on something huge. They’ve left the future of their dear church in the control of the womenfolk. You see the preacher up front is only concerned with guiding his already committed flock, but the women out the back are installing the truth of the Gospel to the next generation of the church. Who really has the power in these male dominated churches?

It’s the women who are secretly changing the world, whilst flashy males with big egos preach from the pulpit, I’m glad that the children have the love and support of Godly women to help them make sense of the world around them!

And then there’s the homosexual – one caller professed her desire to see all of them crucified and then promptly hung up.

Cowardly? Yes. Misguided? Yes. Uninformed? Yes.

You see the homosexual debate is an interesting one. We group of people who call ourselves Christians profess such because we claim to follow Jesus right? Well, if we profess to follow Jesus then maybe we should listen to what he had to say, and what he didn’t say. In his book, Adventures In Missing The Point, Tony Campolo contends that Jesus never condemned homosexuals. In fact he never even mentions them. It’s just not part of his top ten list of sins. Number one on his list however is judgemental religious people who look for sin in other peoples lives and not their own, and then there’s his fairly strong views on divorced people getting re-married.

And as Frank pointed out even the inclusion of the word homosexual in other parts of the Bible may be wrongly translated.

But it would be safe ground to say that homosexuality is a worse sin than another because it affects the body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Oh, wait, so does gluttony, over eating, under eating, living a sedate lifestyle, even harbouring un-forgiveness will put a strain on your mental health, which in turn will effect your physical health.

So IF homosexuality is a sin, then so is gluttony, and even speeding. So that makes me unsuitable for any leadership position in a church, better hope no one nominates me for any official positions in my local church, cause my foot is too heavy and my eyes are too big.

And what’s homosexuality anyway? Guys loving guys? Didn’t Jesus call us to love on another?


wotsitgonnabe said...

haha! I agree with what you said, to a point... I agree in that a lot of people miss the boat when it comes to understanding women in leadership roles within the church and also homosexuality.

I think if we listen to Jesus, we need to base our belief system on the greatest commandment which is to Love God foremost and to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. Neighbours include everyone in our community - women and homosexuals as well!!! No one is perfect, that I've ever met anyway (except for Jesus!) So let's follow what HE says and not just our own judgemental ways.

love you


BJ said...

I was with you till the last line!

Of course its not the absence of sin that makes a person fit for leadership - so I think you're loving on your straw man a bit too intensely there...

I think its a great wakeup call to note what Jesus did and didn't say - but just as I will criticise those who only read the OT in forming their views, I'll put weight on OT, Gospels and the Epistles for my full picture...

Not that my view on leadership and sexual ethics is elusive if you've checked my blog recently!

onscreen said...

I was with you till the last line!

I think you know that that last line was ever so slightly tongue in cheek :o)

BJ said...

I think you know that I know...

servant said...

I know that I know that I think you know I know that I don't know what I know I knew.

onscreen said...

funny boys that you are

BJ said...

So Frank does that mean you have amnesia but you think you remember us knowing about it?