Wednesday, January 10, 2007

10 Weeks to a Better Body?

If you look closely you can see the sweat dripping off my flushed face. You probably don't want to, but hey, it had to be said.

In December last year I ordered the 10 Weeks To A Better Body workout DVD for review from Roadshow, mainly because it had a workout that you could transfer to your iPod.

How cool is that thought I.

Of course, a month after receiving the DVD all I've actually done is put the 30 minute workout on my iPod. Nothing else. So a couple of nights back we decided to try out the Core To Go workout on the DVD.

By the end of the warm up I was about done for, and then the real workout started. Needless to say I didn't make it through much of the real workout before collapsing in a depressed, sweaty heap on the floor.

So, tonight after dinner we decided to leave the kids at home and attempt the 30min iPod workout. Walking, stretching and jogging our way back and forth down our street, keeping our house in clear view.

I'm more than happy to say that we managed to complete the whole 30 minutes and aim to continue doing so 5 nights a week.

Of course, I'm not expecting the whole thing to live up to it's name, after all the DVD package does stipulate that it is designed for people with a good level of fitness, but maybe something along the lines of 25 Weeks to a Better Body and I'd be happy.


Vania said...

very impressed you closet exerciser...

onscreen said...

It's a start - just hope I can keep it up, though it's a lot easier to fit into my day then cycling to work :o)