Sunday, January 07, 2007

The 3 Colors of Ministry

Last year Brett gave me the book, The 3 Colors of Ministry to enable me to discover and develop my spiritual gifts.

It spent some time collecting dust as I struggled with any enthusiasm to read it after having a quick look at it.

But slowly I started to read it - it's been a struggle, and I got up to a part that I detest; the multiple choice questionnaire, designed to tell you what sort of a person you are. I hate these things as the options never seem to apply to me.

Oh well, I have to do this part to continue on through the book, so after three days of procrastinating, I put pen to paper and filled out the survey.

surprise, surprise, I ended up scoring my self middle-of-the-road. My circle was bang in the middle. I was the perfect Christian.

So I decided on a different approach, I found some one who knew me better that I did myself. My wife. I got my wife to fill it out for me, and then discussed it afterwards, tallied up the results and came up with a answer.

It turns out that I'm not a perfect Christian, I'm a Peter Christian.

You are quite active in ministry, but not everything that you do is very well thought through. Probably even the approach of this book will be "too theoretical" for you (which explains why I struggled to start reading it). Trust me; that is not true! The "theory" of this book could be especially beneficial for you. When studying this book, pay special attention to those areas you don't like much. (oh, great, that's really going to encourage me to continue reading!) Most likely you regard certain concepts as "unspiritual" just because they might be unfamiliar to you.

Stay tuned for the next exciting edition of The 3 Colors of Jonathan...


Jonesboy said...

An excellent start! Just don't go chopping anyone's ear off alright?

onscreen said...

Don't go giving me ideas...