Sunday, January 21, 2007

Do The Shoes Make The Man?

My exercise programme ran out of steam at the end of the week. With my workload at work reaching critical mass and my current pair of Nike boots falling apart, I did two days of walking/jogging and two days of cycling, before calling it quits.

With Parachute on the horizon, and a weeks holiday at my parents house looming, all hope of setting up a routine seemed to be fading to obscurity.

Critical mass on the work front however has passed, with an extension being added to my work, and my wife saw an advert for Rebel Sports 30% Off Sale.

So along to Rebel we went. Saw some nice Pumas, looked at the price, figured out the discounted price and then spotted the small print.

Oh well, theres always Nike at Dressmart.

Off we go, all the way to Dressmart, only to be disappointed at the Nike shops lack of real discount.

Yes, I'm looking for a bargain. I don't really see the point of paying hundreds of dollars for shoes made by some one on a buck a day in an Indonesian sweat shop.

So back to Rebel we go, and the Pumas that won't be discounted because of the small print.

But wait, at the checkout the lovely checkout girl adds on the discount to the already discounted price. Sweet!

My $129 Puma Kiyan II Running Shoes only cost me $55.

Now I'm gonna have to make sure I get my fifty five bucks worth out of them. Tomorrow I pound the streets once again...

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