Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mr Tickle and his friend The Vacuum Cleaner

I had to take Aimee to the Dentist at Greenlane Hospital on Wednesday. Aimee was not looking forward to having her teeth drilled.

We being sensible parents had not told her that her teeth would get drilled, she'd determined that all by herself.

Of course Aimee was wrong, there was no drill.

There was however, Mr Tickle and his friend The Vacuum Cleaner.

All I can say is that the Dentist really knew her stuff, especially when it comes to special children.

Sadly however, the system still sucks, as the dentist refused (wisely) to do any of the teeth that would require sticking a big needle in Aimee's mouth to numb the gum. What this means is Aimee's other two teeth that require attention, will have to wait whilst an appointment is made (space in the schedule is found) for her to be put under and have the work done.

The main problem being that if between then and now, if her holes get any worse, she may have to loose another adult tooth.

Aimee however came through the experience with flying colours, as a complete meltdown was expected!

Thanks be to Mr Tickle and the amazingly compassionate female dentist.

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