Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bloody Hard Work!

Well the garden is going bananas, well, at least the pumpkin is growing like wild fire, the peas have all been eaten and some of the beetroot has been eaten. Planted last night in the pea space is some silverbeet and lettuce.

Due to the success of our foray into gardening, more space was required, which necessitated, as the tile of this post proclaims, some bloody hard work! A sprawling bush in the left hand corner has to be pruned back, rather severly, and the ivy had to be tamed. The ivy itself was a meter thick and had not been trimmed for some years. After two days of work, quite a bit had been removed.

But there is plenty left to be cleared!

The root system of the ivy was so well established after years of un-checked growth that it was like cutting tree branches in places!

But at least there is now some room to start work on a potato patch and a kumara patch.

Tomorrow I get the day off as I'm back to work, ditto on Friday. Come Saturday however we're taking the kids to their summer swimming programme at 8am and them going on a family tramp up at the Hunua Falls, taking the Cossey Falls track.

Come Sunday however, it will be back in the garden for me!

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