Thursday, January 31, 2008

Paint Me Red

There seems to be a lot of anti-Labour sentiment building in the local Christian blogging community. I think it’s time someone took a stand and that someone is gonna have to be me!

I’m not entirely happy with some of the actions of our present government, but nothing scares me more than the prospect of a National government.

I don’t see National repealing any of the legislation that has turned Christians against Labour, but I do see them making my life – and that of my South Auckland neighbours – a little harder.

For me it has to be Labour. It’s a two party system, I can’t vote for a minor party because I don’t think it’s fair that a party that most of New Zealand didn’t vote for, ends up deciding who gets to govern us – yes, I’ve managed to be anti MMP as well as pro-labour in this post!

The other thing that makes me smile is the concept that Labour is the government that God wanted elected. They have to be when you think back to all the churches that hosted prayer vigils for the last election, just to make sure that Labour didn’t get in, but God’s chosen Government did. Whoops. That would mean that Labour…

Who am I going to vote for in the next election? Probably Labour. It would take some convincing for me to vote National – and no, that isn’t an invite for people to start evangelising me!

And now a word from Delerious...


wotsitgonnabe said...

:) You the big bad red guy!

daviddadofeight said...

The issue is not should we care for the poor. The issue is how should we care for the poor.


"In the last ten years alone around $150 billion has been taken from taxpayers and spent in a war on poverty, that's one-hundred and fifty billion dollars on a war that no one is winning; not the government, not the taxpayer, and as recent studies all show, not the 200-300,000 or so who've been the targets of this war over the last ten years: we're all worse off except for the politicians, for whom this massive sum amounts to very cheap and efficient vote-buying.

That's $150,000,000,000 -- enough to have given every beneficiary in the country a massive $500,000 each to start their own war on poverty, and it still hasn't worked. And it won't. It never will."

For more go to

I haven't seen $500 000 worth of good done for my family. I bet you haven't seen $500 000 worth of good done for your family - and what - 10 million dollars worth of good to your street?

Instead you'll be seeing increasing dependence, an inability of people to manage their own affairs, and a growing sense of hopelessness that breeds violence and drug addiction.

Good intentions alone don't solve social problems. Labour will make the problem worse quickly. National will make the problem worse slowly. Neither party really promotes freedom and responsibility. That's all I'll say for now. ...