Thursday, February 14, 2008

Do Miracles still happen?

After reading Dale’s post about Souls and the comments getting on a tangent about heaven, I’ve been thinking.

My mind often goes off on weird sporadic directions when put into use, ending up in seemingly unconnected places. As such I started thinking about miracles.

Specifically I remembered the time I wanted to encourage a friend, who was looking for a miracle in her life. I read that particular days devotion from a daily C.S. Lewis Devotional book. Can’t go wrong I figured with a man of faith like CS Lewis.

Miracles it seems are not a cornerstone of Christian belief, as CS Lewis clearly stated, there is no point in hoping on the miraculous, as miracles were for Jesus’ time only – or words to that effect.

Needless to say, I didn’t end up being very encouraging to my friend that day, but I did learn that Christians could be divided about miracles. I’ve been witness to enough of them to believe that they still have a place in our modern society, yet I’m not sure I have the faith to bring about a miracle on my own.

Of course, any thinking man will ultimately turn to wikipedia for the final word on any subject, but according to wise old wiki, there are many views on what makes a miracle.

Nothing this complicated is ever easy.

The thing I like about the miracles in my life is the ability they have in giving me hope. I can look back over my life and see God’s hand protecting me in amazing ways – ways that an atheist might call luck – miracles that were not seen as miracles until later in life when I had belief in a divine creator who was looking out for me.

These miracles, or events in my life give me the perception that my life has purpose. Maybe that in itself is the miracle.

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