Saturday, February 16, 2008

Should have stayed in bed...

The day started out fine enough, I had a quick look at Acts for Everyone and discovered that not all the books of the New Testament are written by Paul.

After that moment of illumination, everything went downhilll.

Took the family to the new Clendon McDonalds for breakfast. After waiting over five minutes for our order, I politely asked the guy serving how long our order was going to take. He asked the manager and the manager told us to take a seat and our breakfast would be bought out to us.

A while later breakfast arrived. Dione's eggs were cold and my bagel was burnt. I took my bagel back and got a fresh one made.

We won't be going back to Clendon McDonalds. Ever.

Then on the way to our friends house to drop off a form and some money, the (company) car died. Fortunately we were close enough to our destination that Dione and the kids could walk there whilst I waited for the AA guy.

An hour later the AA guy turns up and the car magically starts. He has a look at a few things and proclaims that there is nothing wrong. I drive to friends house, have a drink, chat for a while, leave and drive home.


Half way home the car dies again - same problem.

Dione and Hope walk home and drive back in our car to pick up Aimee and BJ. I wait another hour for the same AA guy. This time the car doesn't start for him.

A little tinkering and the bad news; the electric starter is dead. He can't do anything but arrange for a tow.

Half an hour later the tow truck arrives.

Home by 1.30.

What a waste of a day.

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